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Why In Home Dog Training Will Change Your Life

May 4, 2021

Easy to follow plan - we literally give you a piece of paper for homework.

After we come to your house for your initial evaluation and you decide to work with us we create a detailed training plan, complete with literal homework. Every week when we come for a training session we leave you with a detailed guide on what to do to reinforce and train your dog during the week. That way you have everything you need to do the work and come ready the next week for more in-depth training. Oh, and you never have to worry about being on your own. You are always welcome to reach out for answers and a few helpful tips. We want you to be prepared, confident and ready to learn too. Homework helps with that...oh, and btw if your dog ever “eats” his homework, no fear...we can always send you a new copy in a handy dandy email. 

In-Home Training Makes It Easy For Your Dog To Focus

Many dogs behave well in traditional obedience classes, but revert back to their same bad habits at home. Our expert trainers can ensure your dog behaves at home, in your neighborhood, or anywhere else you go. In-home training helps to reinforce what your dog learns all week and it’s a safe place with less distractions which is a great place to start in the beginning. No worries after your in-home sessions we add in more distractions and ask you to join us in our group classes so you can level up.

We Have A Plan When We Train

Our in-home dog training lessons start with an in-home evaluation and then we build a plan. Each plan is different but has the same structure. Here is a simple outline of what our typical in home training lessons might look like:

1. Intro / Greeting (door lesson)
2. Recap of last week
3. Lesson goals
4. Introduction of commands
5. Homework Sheet
6. Play

How Many In-Home Lessons Does It Take?

This answer is impossible to answer because it depends on your dog and how much effort you put into it. If we give you homework and you pretend your dog ate it every week you probably won’t see any improvement. However if you are a diligent dog owner and you practice the lessons weekly and daily your dog will improve rather quickly. We encourage you to spend time with your dog. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your dog won’t see significant changes in their behavior until you follow our plan. 

How To Get Started With Charlotte’s Most Adventurous In-Home Dog Training Program?

Well, that’s super easy too! All you have to do is book an in-home evaluation and we come to you. That’s it. Then we schedule a weekly appointment time and come to you to train. Are you interested in teaching your dog how to have A Dogs Life? Great. Book an evaluation now. (link)