No dog left behind

It's not a congressional act, but it is a philosophy that gets my vote.

And if you're someone who wants your pup by your side, along for the ride, you've come to the right place.
Because let's be honest—dogs make everything better! Walks in the woods, weekends at the Whitewater Center, hushpuppies at Hello, Sailor…all more fun in the company of your four-legged family members. 
Except when they're being naughty!

Freedom Park Near Charlotte NC. Off Leash Dog Training.
Off leash dog training badge of honor. Train for together, adventure together.

I'm Samantha Scarborough—but you can call me Sam. 

As owner and head trainer of A Dog's Life Training, it's my mission to make sure your dog is well-mannered. So you feel calm and in control, and they get to live a bigger, better life—right by your side.  

Samantha and Delta - A Trainer and her dog.
we promise our dog training program will transform your dog's behavior and strengthen your relationship.

our promise to you

Your success is our #1 priority.
That’s why when you work with us, it’s not a one-and-done situation. Not only do you get easy-to-follow lesson plans, in-home training, group classes, and amazing adventure excursions...

...but you also get follow-up support at any point, for the lifetime of your dog. 

So rest easy. Should you ever have a problem with strange behaviors, the new-baby blues, or you just need a little extra support, send us a message. We’ll book a lesson to tackle whatever’s troubling you.
We promise our program will transform your dog’s behavior and strengthen your relationship. Because they’re not just dogs. They’re our very best friends. 

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Samantha took the time to get to know my dog and pinpoint exactly what his triggers are. I learned so much about dog body language from her—it's crazy what your dog is trying to tell you!! Samantha provided endless support in training my dog, and in teaching me exactly how to manage him.

-Emily Conners
Off leash dog training badge of honor. Train for together, adventure together.

a dog's life was born back in 2010...

...after I left behind a career working as a veterinary assistant.

My light-bulb moment came during a training class I did with my stubborn, destructive pup Ramsey. It felt like I was learning to speak a new language—one that helped Ramsey finally feel heard and understood. 
After a year-long training internship, I accepted a job with one of Charlotte's premier dog-training facilities. I also doubled-down on my education, traveling to seminars and learning from several world-renowned trainers.

Those experiences prepared me to create my own training process, which I’ve used to successfully teach hundreds of pet-parents how to live more adventurous, fulfilling lives with their dogs.

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Certification Logo.

When i'm not training dogs...

...I’m spending time with my family, Cedric and Delta. They’re at my feet while I sip mocha lattes at Land of a Thousand Hills. They’re by my side—or perched on my paddleboard—at the Whitewater Center. And they’re always keeping a watchful eye as I stuff West Paw puzzles with blueberries, yogurt and other tasty treats. 
Sadly, we said goodbye to Ramsey back in 2020. But I’m perpetually grateful for the world he introduced me to. Thanks to him, I learned it’s possible to live a big, bold life with a pup at your side. To enjoy all of Charlotte’s dog-friendly offerings, with none of the stress or second-guessing yourself. To have a polite plus-one, who just happens to have four paws.

If that sounds like the life you want—if you’re on board with the No Dog Left Behind philosophy—then schedule your free evaluation today. I can’t wait to help you live a happier life with your dog!

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