Say goodbye to stress and frustration. 

Get the dog-training help you need, so you can live the life you want. Customized plans to build real-world skills and prepare for all your adventures ahead.

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Samantha has helped me completely transform my English bulldog, Tucker. Before training with her he had zero boundaries, selective hearing, and loved to harass company as they were walking in the door. He’s now a well-behaved boy that everyone can enjoy! 

-Cayla Bowman
Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina. Off leash dog training with A Dogs Life Training.Freedom Park Off Leash Dog Training in Charlotte North Carolina. South End Charlotte NC Dog Trainer.

Having an untrained dog can make your life feel stressful and your world feel small.

You adore your dog, but the struggle is real.

OUT: Spontaneous post-work meetups, to relax and sip a Pilsner
IN: Late-night online shopping, to replace your shredded pillows

Every walk becomes a battle of wills, with your shoulder socket paying the price. And coming when called? That's just a made-up thing, like honest politicians, or jackalopes, right?

Somehow, those DIY training videos didn't prepare you for the real-life struggles of raising a dog.

But fear not, my friend!

WE can fix this
South End breweries and dog friendly places to visit in Charlotte NC.
Off leash dog training badge of honor. Train for together, adventure together.

When you work with A Dog's Life Training,
you'll get help with… 

✔️   on-leash manners       
✔️   off-leash recall         
✔️   calm greetings
✔️   counter-cruising      
✔️   excessive barking       
✔️   terrorizing the cat
+ other common challenges
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South End Charlotte dog training and obedience trainer. Samantha Scarborough helps dog parents be the best they can be, so they can take their dogs with them to have a pint or hang out with friends.

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating a dog that wants to work for you—through fun, engaging training sessions—versus “making” your dog work for you. Yuck.  
We believe your dog deserves clear, consistent training. And that with some effort—on our part, your part and your pup’s part—making better choices will become second nature. 

We believe you deserve to feel calm and confident when handling your dog. You’ll get the tools you need today, and the support you need tomorrow. So you’re never stuck wondering how to handle a situation.
We believe a well-trained dog is a happy dog, because doors begin to open and life suddenly looks bigger. Come along to the coffee shop? Sure! Weekend trip to Wrightsville Beach? Why not?!

Because, ultimately, we believe that if there's one thing your dog loves, it's being with you. And food. And squirrels. 

Prepare for an extraordinary Life with your dog

We stick with you while you train your dog.


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I'll meet your dog in the comfort of your own home. No need to vacuum on my account—honest!

We build you a custom dog training plan so you can adventure North Carolina freely.


Get Your Custom Plan

Once I know your concerns and primary goals, I'll build a customized training plan for you and your dog.         

Book an in-home evaluation for training your dog.


Enjoy A Lifetime Of Support

We stick with you until your dog is fully trained—and we're here for free support for the rest of their life. 

"We had watched a few YouTube videos…but we needed a lot of help!"

Hear why Emily chose A Dog's Life Training, and how her life with golden-boy Dwight has been transformed. 

Give yourself the sanity-saving path to a well-trained doG

A Dogs Life Mountain Badge

With a variety of available options, you can choose the training solution that’s right for you. 
Not sure? Don’t worry. During your initial in-home evaluation, we’ll chat about your goals, your frustrations, your lifestyle, and the kind of outings you’d love to go on together with your dog. Based on all that info, you’ll get a recommendation for the best path forward. 

Package Features

  • Free Evaluation & Goal-Setting Session
  • In-Home Foundation Lessons
  • Basic Obedience
    (come, sit, stay, heel, place, go play, let's go, off)
  • Advanced Obedience with Distractions
    (come, sit, stay, heel, place, go play, let's go, off)
  • Daily Training in Public
  • Weekly In-Home Private Lessons
  • Access to Weekly Training Meetups
  • Access to Monthly Adventure-Training Excursions
  • Training Equipment
  • Complimentary Place Board
  • Support for the Lifetime of Your Dog

Private Lessons

2-4 Week


Samantha adapts to whatever we as owners need, and the ability to have unlimited training is amazing. Sometimes I don't think I'm thebest owner, but she's been so patient with me. The process has been fantastic, and Jack has dramatically changed.

-John Teeling
Off leash dog training badge of honor. Train for together, adventure together.


Once your dog can handle the distractions of daily life, you’re invited to join our monthly adventure-training excursions, to places like:

• Downtown Charlotte
• U.S. National Whitewater Center
• Sycamore Brewery
• Lake Norman
• Crowders Mountain State Park
• Stuart Creek Greenway
• Lake Wylie
• Sherman Branch Mountain Biking Park

These group outings are designed to help you learn advanced skills with your dog—like how to handle that pleading feed-me-tacos look. 

Bad Daddy's restaurant is a dog friendly place to take your well mannered dogs.Enjoying a beer with your dog in dog friendly South End Charlotte, NC.
Advanced Dog Training and Obedience Training in Latta Park Near Charlotte NC.

None of us were born "speaking dog"...

…except for your dog, who—inconveniently—wasn't born speaking English. 

So you won't find any judgment from me if your DIY training efforts have gone a litttttle bit off the rails.

Please, set aside your anxiety about scheduling an evaluation.

You haven't screwed up, failed your dog, or any of the other heartbreaking things I've heard from frustrated pet-parents. 

We’ll get you back on track, with a training plan designed just for you. 

Reach out today for your no-cost, no-obligation consultation. 

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