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Charlotte NC Board And Train Experience - is it right for you and your dog?

May 4, 2021

Yep! You bet it is.

We understand first hand how very strong the connection is between us and our furry friends. We love our dogs like family too. Dogs have a weird way of coming into our lives and occupying a significant portion of our hearts, and we all know they make our lives just that much sweeter. Many of our clients have super powerful attachments to their dogs that are just as developed as their relationships with spouses, best friends and our children.  We love our dogs with a fierceness too, so we understand how hard it is when you enroll your dog in one of our board and train experiences. 

Sending your dog away to a stranger's house is nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at A Dog's Life we only train your companions in our own home, with our family and we go everywhere with them. Your dog will not be sitting in a kennel when they are not training...they are training 24/7 when they are with us. Every activity we do during the day, they are a part of.

We want our trainee’s to be engaged and busy learning all day. The goal is to teach them, and modify their behavior while they are having fun. Who said that a dog can’t have fun and learn? Not us, that’s for sure. We send photos, share our day on Instagram (you should follow along too) and adventure around Charlotte.

We wanted to clarify what a board and train experience actually is and what it is not. 

Will the experience be a fruitful one for you, and most importantly for your dog?

Well, lets dig in and discover if our board and train experience is right for you.

Reasons you might want to think about a board and train experience…

  • You have a crazy busy work life, a crazy busy family and sadly you just don't have the time to train your furry companion. We get it, life happens and your dog needs education too.

  • Leaving for an extended family vacation?  What a perfect opportunity for you to get your dog some much needed TLC. Imagine taking them to summer camp and when you pick them up they actually have a huge improvement in manners and confidence....what? A board and train offers a lot of training in a short period of time and we teach you how to maintain and expand on your dog's knowledge after your vacation.

  • Socialization and fun is guaranteed when you sign up for a board and train experience. We interact with other dogs, amazing people, and go on all sorts of adventures. Being with us all day tends to increase their confidence, learned experiences, and helps them with new and unusual situations.

We tailor your dog's board and training experience to fit your lifestyle.

Why would we train your dog to go on long hikes if you hate hiking? No wasted time here. We create a plan, talk about your goals, and build a training itinerary that reinforces the activities you enjoy doing regularly.

If you are the type of owner that enjoys going to the Cannonballer stadium for a few beers, and you want to bring your dog...that training experience will be part of our dog training plan.

If your family is a boating family and enjoys spending the weekend on Lake Wylie we have the resources and know how to train your dog for that exact situation.

If you are an avid trail runner, we will be trail running. You see the pattern? 

What a board and train experience can do:

- Teach new behaviors and solve many problem behaviors.

- Jumpstart good manners at home, and out and about.

- Teach specialized activities and lifestyle activities

What a board and train experience isn’t:

- A quick, overnight transformation. Don't expect your dog to become a superstar overnight. You can't expect to land a spot on Americas Got Talent if you never practice....

- Maintenance free training...you have to put in time to keep it up. You need to be committed to the after party, I mean after work. To make a board and train program successful you must be committed to learning the training too. 

What exactly can you expect after a board and train experience?

Well, good manners to start...but also how to sit and stay politely at the door until released. No more scared pizza delivery people. Your dog will be able to politely greet people. Counter surfing will be a pastime and chew toys will be the only chewing outlet they will partake in. Walking on a leash by your side without pulling. Oh, and laying on her/his place while you eat dinner, work, or craft. Grooming and vet care will be so much easier and simple commands like sit, down, stay, come, and leave-it will be part of fido's new vocabulary.

On top of that we tailor your dogs experience and training to include any locations that you frequent most. 

So how exactly does a board and train experience work?

  1. We do an in-home evaluation and meet you and your family.
  2. We set goals and talk about what you feel are the most important things to focus on and include locations you frequent most. 
  3. We collect payment and write up a custom training agreement that outlines what we both expect to happen.
  4. We schedule a time to take your dog.
  5. We pick the dog up and get started.
  6. We send you videos, photos, and post your dog's progress on social media.
  7. We train you on how to maintain and upkeep your dog's progress. 
  8. You can come to 5 group classes for free and attend our Adventure Excursions too. 
  9. You will always have access to our trainers, for the lifetime of your dog and we will work together with you for any unforeseen situations that might arise, even years after you train with us. 

We have limited space so book ahead.

Sadly we can only take 2-3 dogs a month to ensure a positive outcome for our trainees. However, that ensures that your dog will only have the most amazing dog training experience and you will get every penny worth in training. Because your dog will be a part of our family life for 2-4 weeks you can have confidence that your dog will be taken care of, played with, and trained in a home environment. Book a board and train experience with us...we promise it will be quite the adventure for your dog, and a refreshing experience for you.

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