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Want a dog but don't really want the extra headache of cleaning up after a puppy? Are you maxed out on time but want a companion that perfectly fits your lifestyle and your need for friendship?

Here at A Dog's Life Training we can help you find the perfect breed, pick a puppy, and go through the entire training process for you. We do the training and give you the dog when they are completely trained and ready to rock, or climb, or play, or whatever...  


Trained dogs to order

Together we work to find you the perfect breed and then work with a reputable breeder and purchase the dog for you, take them to the vet, and then start training them the firm foundation that every puppy needs to know. Things like obedience, socialization, confidence, and where to go and not go. From 10-20 weeks your puppy stays with us in our home and experiences a wild mixture of adventures, people, smells, and daily life too. Then, after the pup is fully trained we come to you, train you, and outfit you with all the skills needed to keep up the training and continue building the dog.
Costs vary based on breed, training, and length of time we have the dog. A deposit gets the process started with the balance being paid only after the dog we promised is delivered to your kinsfolk.

Investment starts at $10,000-$15,000

Includes the cost of the the puppy, access to group training meetups, Adventure, Excursions, and initial vet care.

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In Short

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- We shop, order, train, and vet the perfect pup.
- Comes home fully trained.
- We help you integrate the dog into your family.
- Lifetime training assistance for the life of your dog.

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Too busy, or just want something super special? We also deliver custom ordered, trained dogs for sale. We help you find the ideal breed of puppy, we raise it, and bring it home to you fully trained, all without your rug seeing a drop of “whoopsie”. 

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