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So, you are ready to finally hit the streets, trails, water...or wherever you roam, with confidence? Great! Here is a breakdown of our process so you can be prepared. When your done let's book an evaluation and adventure together.

Book an in-home evaluation. That's your first step to successfully train your dog.


The first step is to book your in-home evaluation. Simply fill in the simple evaluation form and choose a time that works best for you and your family.

Book an in-home evaluation. That's your first step to successfully train your dog.


No need to tidy-up. We come to you, in your home and cover all of the information you filled out in your evaluation form. Things like your goals and any additional things you want to discuss. We talk about your schedule and determine the best plan of action. Whether you're leaning towards in-home dog training, a board and train package, or ordering the perfect trained dog, we will help you choose whatever is best for you and your family.


We either train your dog for you, like in a Board & Train package or work along-side you, to train your dog. No matter what option you choose we are always available if any situation arises. Like, if fido, 5-years-in, decides he likes leather...alot. Or you become pregnant and your dog becomes unsure of the changes in your body and your home. Or, if you decide you want to train your dog to surf...we have your back.

In-Home Training

Board & Train

In-home private dog training allows us to focus and set specific goals for you and your dog. Meeting in your own home allows us to strategically go through our learning process for each command. We meet weekly and work through each weeks lessons. Each week, after they understand the commands we add more distractions, distance and lengthen the duration. We work together to complete your desired results and goals.

Your dog literally spends all day in our home, and out and about, training. We work on house manners, cover the goals and issues you struggle with most, and build advanced skills for your lifestyle goals. Skills like backpacking, boating, or even walk at the park. We also cover the most annoying things like counter surfing, door manners, and what to do when the mailman comes.

Puppy Training


We schedule weekly visits at your home to help you with the basics and when your pup is showing signs of *readiness we start to meet at locations throughout the Charlotte area. You will have weekly “homework” where you will work on daily training exercises that we cover each week in our training session. Setting your puppy up for a lifetime of opportunity and adventure starts here where we set a firm foundation but in order to get your dog where you want we require that our puppy package is paired with an advanced training course.

We help you find the ideal breed of puppy, we raise it, and bring it home to you fully trained, all without your rug seeing a drop of “whoopsie”. We start with the firm foundation that every puppy needs to know, like obedience, socialization, confidence, and where to go and not go. From 10-20 weeks your puppy stays with us in our homes and experiences a wild mixture of adventures, people, smells, and daily life too. Then, after the pup is fully trained we come to you, train you, and outfit you with all the skills needed to keep up the training and continue building the dog. 


Depending on the advanced training course or package you choose we work through it together. However many lessons you need. Whatever it takes we help you graduate with confidence.


After your dog completes any one of our programs, and you are confident in your dog's behavior we want to see you at one of our weekly Group Training Meet-Up's. Our programs come with 5 free group classes, and after that they are $20/group class.


Our monthly Adventure Excursions.  are designed to advance your dogs training with more distractions and fun after you complete your training program. With fun adventures all around North Carolina we "force" you into more adventures with your dog.


We don't mean go away...we want you around. We would love to see you at our monthly adventure Excursions and our group meet-ups, but really, our deepest desire is to see you out, on your own, adventuring. Nothing makes us smile more than running into our clients at the brewery, in the woods, or picnicking at the park.

We just want you to adventure, with or without us.


it doesn't matter if you attend our group classes or monthly adventures, or can always contact us if you feel your dog is regressing or you need additional assistance. For the life of the dog. 

Start YOUR
Come, sit, stay...train your dog the right way with a dogs life training. Train  together, live together, and adventure well together.

Are YOU READY TO live bigger lives - together?

It's pretty simple. We want you to learn how to live a better life with your dog. In your home, out and about and on all of life's adventures.

Our training starts at home, where you are most comfortable, so we can build the basic training foundations for your dog. We then step up, and out and adventure outside where we teach you and your dog to live life, despite distractions. Then we go further and teach you how to do more advanced things with your dog.

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it's simple

We stick with you while you train your dog.


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Book an evaluation done in your home. We always start there.

We build you a custom dog training plan so you can adventure North Carolina freely.


Fill out an evaluation form

Tell us where you want to go with your dog and areas you need help.

Book an in-home evaluation for training your dog.


We come to you

We help you determine your goals and expectations and build a plan that is perfect for you.

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