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We Want You To Adventure With Your Dog

May 4, 2021

Adventure Excursions are our way of getting you out there...you, know...adventuring.

Here at A Dogs Life Training we strive to create a community of dog lovers, and give them the tools they need to adventure around Charlotte NC and beyond - without fear. We want you to feel confident taking your dog to Lake Wylie, to the U.S. National Whitewater Center, for a hike, or to Freedom park. Really, we want you to be able to take your dog with you, wherever life may take you (within reason of course)...

As dog lovers ourselves we realized that a lot of dog owners don’t take their dogs with them to the park to play, hiking, or even to the beach, because they are fearful of how their dog might act or they get frustrated because their dog pulls at the leash. Or really they might just be embarassed of their dogs poor behavior.

Well, we want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. You CAN feel great about having your dog (aka adventure partner) go with you, and here is how we get you there:

  1. First, get an in-home evaluation
  2. Then sign up for an in-home lesson plan
  3. Do your weekly homework and follow our weekly lesson plans. 
  4. Meet your weekly goals and we can then start to add in more distractions. 
  5. Once you feel confident in your dog's skills at home, join us in our weekly group lessons so you can advance your dogs skills with distractions and your confidence too. 
  6. Attend one of our Monthly Adventure Excursions and learn a new skill yourself and build on your dog’s abilities too. 

What Do I Have To Do To Be Able To Attend?

We started offering our Adventure Excursions so that you could learn the skills necessary to take them with you where YOU adventure. But first you have to be the master of your domain and establish a new relationship with your dog - at home.

We so desperately want to see you having more fun, going more places, meeting new people and trying new things - with your dog. So first, you need to master the basics with your dog by working through our in-home lessons and then attending our group classes. After that you are free to join us on any Adventure Excursion. 

Find Your Community

As adults it's almost impossible to make new friends. It's also really easy to just keep doing what you have been doing. You say you want to "get your dog out more, go for more walks and adventure about the city more"...so here is your push. It's time for you to get out. Our Adventure Excursions become an easy excuse to try new things around Charlotte NC and beyondWe want you to be so excited about our next monthly meet ups your adrenaline starts pumping when we mention a new event is coming.

Hanging out and making new friends and deepening your relationship with your dog is easy, when we plan it for you. You can think about these adventure experiences like a “high school prom” except the environment is actually full of people you “like” and packed with adventure of course.

You can expect events like:

Hiking the coast of Lake Wylie

Road Trip to Asheville?

Weekend Camping?

Having a beer in Charlotte?

We love taking our dogs on adventure too. You can often find us hanging out at ______ or even _______. If you see us out and about in Charlotte be sure to snap a picture with us and tag us @ADogsLifeInc.

You see?

We are serious when it comes to teaching people how to live better lives with their dogs. Did you know that 95.5% of dog owners see their dog as part of the family? Would you ever think about leaving your baby home when you go to the beach? I don’t think so. Actually, I think that would most definitely be illegal depending on how old your child was. Anyway, you get the idea. We wouldn’t leave our kids home while we went to have fun, so why leave our dog?

That’s exactly why we started training dog owners like you how to do these amazing things with your dogs.

Sign up for a basic in-home lesson plan and jump on our newsletter list so you too can be excited to learn something new...