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The Power Of Group Dog Training

May 4, 2021

Does the thought of joining in on a group training class seem a bit daunting? We hope not. Because part of our process is gearing you up for the next step. We want to see you at a place far beyond what you imagine. We hope that our group classes are the catalyst to you taking your dog places you never would have thought before. We want you to adventure, play, and fetch all on your own. We desire so much to see you out on your own at the park, enjoying life with your dog, outside of class too.

But first, we master your in-home dog training lessons….

Before you are welcomed to our group training classes we work with you one-on-one at home, in the comfort of your own space. Most likely you have a limited or normal amount of distractions at home, unless you have 3 kids under 5 and then you will always have distractions. Anywho, at home lessons allow us to quickly get your basic obedience down and then we increase the level of distractions with group training. In all reality, training at home gets you ready and more confident in your abilities and your dog’s ability to adventure out.  

Once you go through and rock your goals for in-home training, we invite you to join us in our group lessons where we can work on higher level distractions and build upon your already solid foundation. We offer five free group classes and then after that, each class is a small $20 fee, which is still cheaper than renting a movie on Vudu. 

Level up your training with distractions...

Our group dog training classes focus on refining hand signals, getting your dog to listen to your verbal cues, increasing your dog's ability to listen at farther distances, creating a more reliable recall (come when called), sit and stay, impulse control, and “leave it”...all really important skills that should be leveled up with group classes. We also focus on teaching ‘go to your place’ and settle with distractions like hotdog smells and cars...Which helps with taking your dog to all sorts of places. Group classes will really help you to fine tune and develop upon your previous in-home training, and will also help with other behavior issues. 

Meet with like minded people in Charlotte NC & Beyond.

Where do we meet you ask? Well, everywhere really. But sometimes we meet at Freedom Park, other times we may meet downtown Charlotte, and even the brewery...cause we could all use a nice cold-one after a long day. What better way to get in some dog training am I right?

Build Your Confidence, and especially your dogs too!

We meet in a group setting like this, so that we can introduce different experiences, new people, new smells, and new dogs. We promise that when you get to this point (group training), your dog, and you, are more than ready to take on a higher level of distraction. Training in a group atmosphere is a positive way to build confidence in your own training skills too, but your dog benefits more. And as the weeks go by, and you get more group classes in, you will start to see a huge change in your dog's confidence and your relationship will only get stronger. We love a good private lesson, however group classes offer an amazingly unique opportunity for both you and your dog.

Group training is a super effective way for you to build upon your basic manners and fine tune your dog's behavior so that you can adventure out. We want to see you hiking, swimming, and adventuring more freely with your dogs, so much so that we created another amazing experience called Adventure Excursions. We teach you the skills you need to do amazing things together with your dog. 

You want to learn how to paddleboard with your dog? No problem we can do that. Wait, you want to go boating at Lake Wylie and to a vacation at the beach? Awesome, we might have an  adventure excursion that is just right for that. At each training event we cover the basics, and how to do each activity safely. But mostly we give you the confidence to do it on your own with your dog. It’s a win-win situation.