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group training meet-ups

We have found that after your dog has graduated from their final private in-home lessons, they need a bit of encouragement to sharpen their skills, and develop a deeper bond with you. After you graduate from any of our modern advanced training programs we hope that you join us in our group training meetups and our adventure training excursions.

In our Group Training Meet-Ups we cover a more in-depth look at your dog's behavior, but add more distraction. At home, your dog knows what to do (or at least if you have done our in-home private lessons or a board and train package) they have a good idea of "the basic stuff". You know, sit, stay, place, off, etc? They should have a really solid idea on how to be a well behaved pup. At home your dog has much less to be distracted by but in our Group Training Meet-Ups they are given a whole new set of skills - complete with the smell of hot-dogs, hamburgers, and children playing.

We cover social behavior, basic training with distractions and training-related topics to curb undesirable behavior such as jumping or tugging on the leash while you walk through the park. No more "Oh, squirrel!" moments...or at least they will happen less when you attend our group training classes.

When you attend a Group Training Meet-Up you help your dog understand what you expect of them (sit and stay, or walking well on a leash) when there is more going on in the world, and to keep his attention.

Attending our Group Training Meet-Ups will provide your dog exercise, socialization and a sense of accomplishment (many dogs like having “jobs) but it will also help you to make friends and join in a like-minded community.

Note: Our group classes are not designed to address and solve all your dog’s behavioral problems. This class is designed to build upon your basic foundations learned in a one-on-one training program. This class is designed for you to learn more advanced skills with distractions and grow and bond with your dog outside of your home. You must complete a basic training program first.

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Come, sit, stay...train your dog the right way with a dogs life training. Train  together, live together, and adventure well together.

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group training meet-ups

When your dog can handle the distractions of daily life at home and you graduated from our private *Adult Dog in-home lessons or experienced one of our *Board And Train Packages then your dog has an open invitation to attend our group training classes. Oh, and you should know, that if you ever feel that your dog is regressing or needs a bit more additional help, we have your back, for the life of your dog. Fur-ever.

*Our programs come with five free group classes, after that the group classes are $20 a class.


AFTER GRADUATION You can also join us on our

monthly adventure excursions

Our goal is to help you enjoy your dog more and live better, more confident lives, with them. We bring together dog lovers in a friendly, supportive space each month to learn, grow, experience adventure, exchange ideas and tips, and care for our dogs in a way that helps us celebrate and strengthen our human-animal connection.



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