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Charlotte NC Dog Training Badge of Honor. Train for adventure, train for a life well lived.

Monthly adventure excursions

Our goal is to help you enjoy your dog better and live better, more confident lives, with them. We bring together dog lovers in a friendly, supportive space each month to learn, grow, experience adventure, exchange ideas and tips, and care for our dogs in a way that helps us celebrate and strengthen our human-animal connection.

54% of dog owners according to the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute say that their pet helps them connect with other people. These adventure training excursions are designed to do just that - bring people and their dogs together, in a truly remarkable and fun way.  

you can expect

all sorts of fun

When your dog can handle the distractions of daily life we invite you to join us on our adventure training excursions.

Excursions are priced individually and when you do, advance in your training, we will send an invite for you to join our private Facebook Group where we notify you about our upcoming events.

These excursions are designed to help you learn advanced skills with your dog, and give you the confidence to adventure well together to some of these Charlotte NC area locations and activities:

  • Guest Speakers
  • The U.S. National Whitewater Center
  • Holiday Photo Shoots
  • Paint your dog art classes
  • Brewery Hangouts
  • Beach Trips
  • Kayaking
  • Learn How to Safely Camp With Your Dog
  • Doggy First Aid
  • Piedmont Kennel Club Sports Training
  • Basics of Traveling With Your Dog
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In Short

expect adventure

- Adventure in all sorts of different places
- Learn new skills with your dog
- Advancing your dogs skills with distractions
- Meet new people and make new friends
- Explore Charlotte NC and beyond with confidence

Off leash dog training badge of honor. Train for together, adventure together.