You’re a busy pet parent. We get it. Your free time is limited. But you still want a well-behaved canine companion, so you can spend that limited free time out and about with them.


Day dog training to the rescue! Your dog will get a full day of training and socializing while you’re at the office. 


Drop off your pal in the morning for a full day of training in our facility, outside of dog parks, and a variety of other outdoor areas, then pick them up between 4:30pm- 6:30pm. We’ll put in our work while you do yours.


Day training sessions are typically done at the end of each week, so that we can also teach you the tools and techniques to keep up everything your dog has learned at home. 


The timeframe for individual training depends on each individual dog. You’re hiring us to train your dog, and we’re going to do exactly that, whether that takes three weeks or three months.

Getting started with our Charlotte area dog training is

super easy. We begin with an initial evaluation to establish a relationship, discuss everything you want to work on with your dog, and discuss a training plan that fits for you, and doggo.