Want a well behaved dog but don't have the time to commit to the training regiment? If so... Read about our board and train. 


If you live a fast-paced lifestyle, let one of our trainers do the work for you. Once your dog has completed training we will schedule weekly lessons to teach you everything your dog has learned during their stay! With the board and train program we will be able to work your dog through any behavioral problems and provide you with reliable off leash obedience

Time Frame: 

Our typical board and train is anywhere from two to four weeks long. After the initial board and train we provide you with unlimited one on one lessons. 

When you hire us to train your dog we do EXACTLY that! Our programs last until your dog is trained

How Do You Get Started?

To ensure your dog is getting the training he or she needs we require everyone to do an initial evaluation. During the evaluation we will discuss the things you are wanting to work on and discuss the different programs that would be a good fit for you and your dog! 

Benefits Of A Board And Train

  • Faster Results

    Your dog will spend time with a certified trainer around the clock training off and on throughout the day. 

  • We're Responsible For The Leg Work 

    With our one on one lessons the clients are the ones responsible for practicing with their dogs and doing the main chunk of training. With a board and train program you return to a fully trained dog! 

  • Enhanced Customization

    The amount of time we spend with your dog in the Board and Train program allows us to get to know him or her on a much deeper level. This way we can develop specific strategies and exercises directly targeted toward each individual. This is especially valuable in behavioral cases.