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Come, sit, stay...train your dog the right way with a dogs life training. Train  together, live together, and adventure well together.

Adult Dog Training

So, you are ready to get your dog on the same page as you? Good. Let’s do this.

First, we always start with an in-home visit so we can start our “human” relationship, cover all the important info, determine your schedule, set your goals, and figure out what the optimal plan of action is. Sounds like a plan? Great.

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Feel confident taking your pup to local Charlotte NC parks. Socializing your pup shouldn't be a fear. Let's get them started right.


adult dog training

If your dog has terrible front door manners or barks at the neighbor’s cat, you can work on correcting those specific behaviors in addition to building an even more solid foundation for your dog and you. Our training is tailored to fit your specific training goals, rather than the generalized curriculum of a group class, which we do offer, after you “graduate” the program.

In-home private dog training allows us to focus and set specific goals for you and your family. We can cover more ground meetings weekly in your own home, where we strategically go through the learning process for each command and after they understand the commands we add more distractions, distance and lengthen the duration. We “layer” on the distractions so that your dog can handle real-world situations, everyday life, and excursions out and about Charlotte and beyond. We continue to meet bi-weekly until you complete the private lesson program.

Oh, and just so you know there are no lesson caps or limits, but typically we complete the program in 8-10 lessons.

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Adult dog in-home training near Charlotte NC. Help your dog find manners.
Having an idea of what you would like your dog to behave like, what rules should they follow and what expectations do you have for your dog? Have an idea of what that might look like. Then book an evaluation.Charlotte Area Dog Training
Agility training with your dog is a great way to build trust or you can do a board and train experience.

2-3 Week

board & train experience

Our Board And Train Process is quite transformational for your dog and quite literally life-changing for you. Your dog literally spends all day in our home, and out and about, training. We work on house manners, cover the goals and issues you struggle with most, and build advanced skills for your lifestyle goals. Skills like backpacking, boating, or even walk at the park. We also cover the most annoying things like counter surfing, door manners, and what to do when the mailman comes. 

We also work on the skills needed to go to town, or to the grocery store perhaps. They get exposure to various levels of distractions at all sorts of places. Wherever you frequent most, we can cover the training for you. Whether that’s the park, local breweries, and all sorts of fun places in and around Charlotte. They get exposure to different levels of distractions so they are ready to come home to you, with all the skills they need. All you have to do is continue reinforcing what they learned while with us. And we even help you with that!

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Off leash dog training badge of honor. Train for together, adventure together.


training packages

We offer a few different solutions for you and your sidekick to awesomeness. But first, before we dive into the nitty and the gritty, we always start with an in-home evaluation to discuss your ultimate goals for training, your lifestyle, and what kind of outings you can picture yourself taking and together we can discuss what option might be best for you and your family. Here is a package breakdown for our Adult Training Packages.

Adult Dog Training Package Comparison

In Short

your dog will...

- Be Confident
- Adventure Or Travel With Confidence
- Know House Rules
- Be Social And Make Friends
- Look To You For Guidance
- Have Manners

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Off leash dog training badge of honor. Train for together, adventure together.

Complete your basic training theN Join Us For

adventure training excursions

When your dog can handle the distractions of daily life we invite you to join us on our adventure training excursions. These excursions are designed to help you learn advanced skills with your dog, and give you the confidence to adventure well together to some of these Charlotte NC area locations:

  • Downtown Charlotte & Beyond
  • The U.S. National Whitewater Center
  • Sycamore Brewery
  • Crowders Mountain State Park
  • Lake Norman
  • Mountain Island Lake
  • Sherman Branch Mountain Biking Park
  • Lake Wylie
  • Little Sugar Creek Greenway
  • Stuart Creek Greenway
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Come, sit, stay...train your dog the right way with a dogs life training. Train  together, live together, and adventure well together.

Weekly Group Training Meet-Ups

When you graduate from our In-Home Training Plans or a Board And Train Experience we invite you to join us in our weekly group training Meet-Ups. Where you can advance your skills to an even higher level.

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